Bought some books :O #saywhat #onceinabluemoon #3for2 #freevoucher

Bought some books :O #saywhat #onceinabluemoon #3for2 #freevoucher

The best thing you can do is find a person who loves you for exactly what you are. Good mood, bad mood, ugly, pretty, handsome, what have you. The right person is still going to think the sun shines out your ass.
— Juno
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Spain’s King, Juan Carlos I, visits the Sultanate

The King of Spain arrived yesterday in Oman. Read the newspaper in the morning and found out about it.His Majesty gives audience to King of Spain. Photo - ONA/Mohammed Mustafa

By the time I had finished work, I had completely forgotten about it. What normally happens is there are convoys which are either heading to Bait Al Barka or towards Bait Al Alam, both of HM’s palaces. I was driving towards the Barka direction and on the opposite side on the highway, I saw numerous vehicles from government organisations such as Royal Oman Police, Royal Guard of Oman, zipping down. My side of the road was unusually quiet, so when I saw police cars driving past on the opposite, with flashing blue lights at the front, I felt a bit worried. Was I supposed to be on the road? At first I thought there was an accident or something urgent as I saw 3/4 pass by.

Then I saw the entourage of Audis, Lexus, government official cars, with the red and green plates. Then I remembered about the King. Though the strange thing was the cars off the highway that were blocking roads, presumably to stop cars from joining the highway, but most unusual was the guns on the top of the cars. Were they really necessary? Apparently they aren’t armed with guns even at the palaces themselves, so why they were there among the civilians, I have no idea.

I started to feel a bit unsafe, even though I knew the guns weren’t actually going to be used. After my bliss of driving on a quiet road, in front was the queue, whereby I’d have to wait with the other cars patiently, until we were ‘released’.

Sounds like the King had fun. They went from one palace to the next with the military band and also motorcade (procession of vehicles). They enjoyed a 21 gun salute and were led by horses to the guest house.


Pasta bake #surprisinglytasty #notinedible #surelynot

Pasta bake #surprisinglytasty #notinedible #surelynot

Our new freebie plant for ‘better well-being’, Pickle.

Our new freebie plant for ‘better well-being’, Pickle.


I dreamt I was on land floating among a crowd of people waiting to go somewhere. Somebody told me to get on to a ship/vehicle to discuss the circulated version of the MH370 with a group of Chinese people. They couldn’t understand how the reporters had penned such an inarticulate piece. I tried, but failed, to explain it to them in broken Chinese. Well, I think they got the gist and just didn’t buy it.

I was told to move further down the cabin to talk to some other Chinese people who had theories. As I sat down beside them, a cabin attendee came into the cabin looking for non-Chinese passengers. He was approaching from behind but due to my exterior appearance, he didn’t notice me. He shooed a Russian man out.

It emerged that the supposed cabin attendants were trying to keep the people in this cabin away from the outside world, as they came up with theories that were too close to the truth and couldn’t be leaked. I sat with them and listened to their more probable interpretation of events.


Another phase of the dream was speaking to an Omani colleague, I thought, had had only one husband, but she actually had been married twice beforehand. 

Some other phase was trying to get OJ to play The Sims and make his own character….

You look beautiful today. You don’t look beautiful everyday, just today.

Comment from my colleague on my wearing of an abaya.

Is the abaya an instant beautifier or are my usual clothes that ugly? -_-‘

Baby donkey on the way to Sifawy Hotel #cute  (at Jebel Sifah)

Baby donkey on the way to Sifawy Hotel #cute (at Jebel Sifah)

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Second hand explorer

I’ve been in Oman for over a year and I feel that I’ve not experienced half as many things as my other half’s mother has when she’s come for visits.

I’ve realised I’m not so much exploring new things with the other half, more that he’s exploring and adventuring places with other people and then him showing me after. It’s like a second-hand experience.

I’m a bit upset with this kind of arrangement. Nothing’s new to him and everything is to me :(. Due to the non school-like holiday arrangements of my workplace compared to his, I get very little leave and can’t discover things at the same time as him and his family.

I’ve not seen the dolphins. His mum has been twice. Here they are :(

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Another year, another string to your bow. #birthdaycard #jnproductions

Another year, another string to your bow. #birthdaycard #jnproductions

Got my prescriptions and felt like kid in a candy shop(!)

Got my prescriptions and felt like kid in a candy shop(!)

Sunrise at 5.55am.

Sunrise at 5.55am.

Camping at Fins
Weather forecast for the area: sunny all day with chance of thunderstorms tomorrow. It rained a bit today with some thunder and bright lightning in the mountains behind us but nothing major. Unexpected for Oman but normal for England.

You can camp anywhere here. No camp sites, but also no convenience of facilities. Live with nature. Pee anywhere. Poop…I don’t know where? My few camping experiences here have actually led me to lose my dignity somewhat and wish I could just wee anywhere as long as no one was around. Beats those stinky public toilets anyway. In the dark, wear black. It’s much more obvious what you’re doing in those bushes when the moonlight is reflecting your white t-shirt.

Had steak, chicken and sausages on the barbie. Omani coffee on the fire after some heavier rain and a tent retreat.

See a mouse like off BBC doc, Wild Arabia. I think it’s cute and try to pap it. Discover my other half is terrified, as is his mother and their foot stamps are frightening me! I discover little titbits like this about him frequently- he’s just so manly (!).

Going to bed now. Have set alarm s
to wake up for sunrise.

When driving, there are often two mentalities to choose from: queue and wait your turn or be the person who skips it and gets to their destination quicker. 

I have tried to queue but I felt like a fool, waiting my turn to edge forward but achieving nothing as I see a dozen cars join the queue ahead of me.

I’ll just note that on my way to work before I reach the roundabout, there is one road, but there is an adjacent car park which people use as a road so essentially there are two queues. The proper queue is the poor man’s queue and the car park queue is like the express lane. Needless to say, I take the express lane at no extra cost. Here etiquette doesn’t matter so much; people cutting in in front of you is the norm. In England, I’m pretty sure you’d get people shouting in their cars, hand gestures, red faces, but it’s Oman, relax. 

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Today I wore: white top, grey skirt, Greenwich necklace, purple scarf

Today he wore: white shirt, grey suit, Greenwich cuff links, purple tie

I wanted to take a photo but there was no time this morning :(

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